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14 July
I am a writer of original fiction, original erotic fiction and Inuyasha fan-fiction as well as an amateur artist. This journal was created to house my fan-fiction, original fiction and artwork.

Please note that this is an ADULT journal. Fiction, fan-fiction and artwork posted here may have explicit and/or offensive content not suitable for minors under 18 years of age. Content warnings have been included in the header of many of the pieces, however this is not to be used as a guide to indicate appropriateness for minors.

Inuyahsa Fan-fiction and Fan-art Disclaimer

I don't own the Inuyasha franchise and all Inuyasha fiction and artwork housed here are tributes to Rumiko Takahashi's creativity. These works have no affiliation with or endorsement by Rumiko Takahashi or VIZ Media. No money is made from my fan-fiction or fan-art and all works have been create for entertainment only.

Original Fiction and Original Art Disclaimer

All original fiction and original art posted on this site are property of this author/artist. These stories and pieces of artwork may not be copied, modified, or redistributed without the express written consent of its creator.


A list of tag links has been included in the sidebar of the journal to help with selection of specific types of fiction and artwork.

Tags have been grouped together by:
Action - Contains action including battles and fast-paced activity.
Adventure - Contains activity based around a major end-goal or destination.
Angst - Heavy emotional content of a suspenseful nature
Crack - Farcical situations or scenarios
Dark - Dark content includes: death, betrayal, angst, hatred, tragedy, etc
Erotic - Contains sensual but not necessarily explicit sexual content
Family - Family relationships or family-centric
Humour - Comedic situations
Introspection - Self-reflective narration
Romance - Romantic themes and situations
Smut - Explicit sex/sexual situations, with or without plot

Drabble - A short story/fic with 250 or fewer words in a single chapter
Multi-Chapter - Multiple chapters
Short - A short story/fic with 250 to 1000 words in a single chapter
One-shot - A longer story/fic with 1000 or more words in a single chapter

From www.fictionratings.com
"T" - contains content not suitable for children under 13 years of age.
"M" - contains content not suitable for children and teens under 16 years of age.
"MA" - contains explicit content for mature adults 18 years of age and older ONLY!

Multi-chapter fics can be selected from the tag list


Feedback is appreciated and encouraged. Constructive criticism is accepted, however 'flaming' will not be tolerated.
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